Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, yes it's going to have a battery, because although you can run these bikes without one (assuming your alternator, capacitor and wiring in general are in *perfect* shape), I think, why not make life a little easier?
I've salvaged a pretty compact sealed battery off my dad's Yamaha TDM850 (destroyed in an accident thanks to some coked-up whore on her cell-phone), rather than a standard acid type, as they can be bulky and need a bit more maintenance.
I should be able to hook up one of them fancy modern chargers to it pretty easily without having to take it out of the frame or leave any connector leads behind.

These are a good idea, they work very well and I recommend you get one if you don't already have one.
I'll need to cover up the battery somehow though, because it is fugly. Perhaps some sort of battery box that could also house the Boyer Powerbox and any other avionics I want out of sight.
Note the greasy thumb-print in the first photo. Nice.


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