Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, what do you know, I went and found myself some more vintage tools!

These are the Spearpoint spanners that were given as part of every Norton Commando toolkit (there was also a sparking plug wrench, tire levers, a couple of allen keys and other odds and ends). They are, of course, Made in England.

Besides from the fact that when I got my Norton, its toolkit was nowhere to be seen - typical careless disrespect of a motorcycle by the unworthy - finding this kit was a real boost to the Rising Star. I would like to get to the point where all the tools I carry are vintage ones that all fit into that vintage tool roll.
In addition to the Spearpoints I also got this:

Now, this is an adjustable wrench of the type know as "knuckle buster". Use one without paying attention and you'll soon learn why.
Different sizes were made, this one is by far the smallest. It is so small you might think it wouldn't be much use at all, but especially for small unidentified fasteners, this thing works a treat.
Here it is next to a SAK for size comparison.

And since I can tell you're dying to get some proper kit for yourselves, I will tell you where I got these, so that you too can get lost in the many, many photos and add to cart:
What's in your toolkit?


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