Thursday, September 29, 2011

Custom decals by Classic Transfers UK

Details make all the difference, you all know that.
I'm almost (not quite though) embarassed by how much I was moved when I received the decals you see below, and that's because you can tell how much loving care and pride has gone into making them. These are a one off, made especially for my motorcycle by Bob Derrick, who is a true artist.
Here is the link:
If you've been looking for a proper transfer/decal for your ride and want nothing but the very best, then look no further. What you get from Classic Transfers aren't cheap computer fonts and tacky bold colours, you get HAND DRAWN works of art to display on your tank, side panels, etc. In most cases they are water slides that need to be laquered, in istelf a bit of a lost art. The end result is amazing. I know because I have bought transfers from them in the past, for our Matchless and Nortons. When you compare it to original decals you can tell they're proper in every way - and if you park next to a bike with crappy stickers made on a computerised plotter you just won't believe the abyss in quality between the two.
One of these decals (I'll decide which one when the tank is painted) will go under clear coating on the left hand side of the tank, next to the filler cap. What's hard to tell from the photo is the size: they're not too small, not too large, not too obvious... it's perfect.


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