Monday, April 9, 2012

Keep calm and carry on?

Just a little rant, if you'll indulge me.
Over the past several months (just to be clear, this isn't a new trend that has just shown up) we here overseas, have noticed a severe increase in delays in shipments coming from the UK. The Club's workshop is constantly having to keep motorcycles on hold because it has to wait for every little thing for weeks and weeks. I myself have three shipments due, that I have been waiting for between 2 and 6 months (and counting). When I periodically, once every month or so, contact the spares suppliers to ask what is going on, all I get is excuses: "sorry sir, having trouble manufacturing a couple of nuts and bolts" or "we're sourcing some of the parts elsewhere" --- where from, the moons of Jupiter??
Delays and excuses.... if I didn't know any better, I'd say I was dealing with Italians. Now, fair is fair, the Italian postal service is exactly what you can imagine it to be. Shameful doesn't even begin to describe it. That said, I ordered something from British Only Austria and it arrived within a few days of processing the order, and it still had to be handled by Italian mail. Having to wait so long for parts means all my planning is screwed up and I have bikes (plural, not just the BSA) on hold, and riding season is already in full swing.
Come on Britain, enough with keeping calm and carrying on, it's time to get on with it.


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