Thursday, April 12, 2012


I recently mentioned British Only Austria, the wonderful used parts and NOS shop that has a lot to offer. Here's what I found:

A couple of NOS clutch cables, mint in box, some petrol tap washers (copper/rubber, these provide a good seal) and an old BSA toolbox. I'm not entirely sure which model this would have been on, but it will (or should, hopefully) fit the Rising Star a treat. I was originally against the idea of fitting one of these, the reason being that I wanted to keep parts on this motorcycle to a minimum (without being silly and doing away with brakes and mudguards, you know what I mean). If I were to write a treatise about it, it would be called:
"On the fine line between a chopp and a motorcycle (or, at what point does adding parts, regardless how cool, push the bike from chopp to motorcycle)."
Trusting the above 1800s style title is enough of an explanation, let's get back to the toolbox. Peppe is pretty adamant this would be neat to hide avionics, as he did on his Triumph-framed, Norton-powered contraption. I see the point and that's fine, but if I have to have it, it will be clean and free of decals, painted black to go unnoticed as much as possible and I also want to be able to keep a few tools in there. This box is pretty thin, which is good because it doesn't look bulky, yet there should be enough room for Boyer's ingition module and Powerbox. I should also be able to come up with a small tool roll with just a few essential spanners, or, in case that's not possible, then definitely a small parcel with a few spares (carburetter parts, fuses, cable ties, an extra chain link, that sort of thing).
Here it is next to my trusty Opinel for size comparison.
The hinge is intact and fully functional, there are no ugly dents, rusting, etc. That said, I will put on a new fastener to close it, perhaps see if Peppe will turn one on the lathe or something.


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