Thursday, June 7, 2012

The mock-up, part 3.

Because Peppe and the others are obsessed with clip ons and rearsets, I'm having to resist their natural (and, allow me to say, rather narrow-minded) tendency to turn anything into a go fast machine. Seriously guys, there are other pleasures in life. At first, these footrests were suggested:

And while they would look great on a café racer or any of our granturismo bikes, I just couldn't see them on my BSA. In the end we went with a much simpler round stock and thick AMC style rubber footrests.
But before we get to that, here is the wonderfully convoluted solution for the port-side footrest:

 I like the way this turned out. Not only is it very solid (you have to stand up on the footrest to feel any flex at all), I think the way the metal wraps around the exhaust actually looks pretty good. Thanks to a clever slot cut into the bracket that's welded on the frame, it's possible to remove the footrest without having to remove the exhaust. Neat!

At this point the only foot control left was the rear brake pedal. You may remember I had found an old Triumph one and we cut the pivot point out of the original bracket. The only problem was, there was nothing to attach it to, in order for it to sit where it should have, so a very three-dimensional bracket had to be made, that's welded on two points on the lower frame rail, and braced at the back on the frame's backbone.
Here it is:

  This is really strong and the good thing about it is that we didn't have to alter the brake pedal in any way, meaning I have a long lever for more stopping power, which is good.

Here are other details from the rear brake, including the brake plate stay:

Now for the rear (and only) mudguard, or "fender" as our American friends call them:

Don't worry, I'll put some nicer looking domed brass nuts here...

Next, the seat is mounted, this was not so easy, as the spring mounts on the seat itself are at a very awkward angle:

 See the way the handlebar is turned down? They can't help it! I'll leave it like this to keep them happy for now, but the second this thing is back in my garage I'll turn them back the way God & Queen intended.

Ok, the side stand:

The battery box:

And the ignition coil:

There are only a few things missing in these shots, I'll have more in the coming days:


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