Sunday, August 12, 2012

Catching up.

So, of course I had go about this half-assedly, that's just my style.
Ok, in my defence I had been dealing with a crappy rent/apartment/move/bills situation that required my attention, and Peppe was busy getting bike after bike ready for various trips.
That's also why there was nothing showing up on this page for a long time.
Still, the result was that the BSA lay dismantled* for week after week and it was only last week that Peppe found a two-hour window to complete welding work on the frame.
So I hauled it over my shoulder and carried it - on foot - from my garage to his workshop. It's the kinda thing the chopper lifestyle is about.
Now the frame is done. Every weld has been reinforced where needed and I can finally paint it. But there's a problem. Because I "waited" so long to get it done, we are now in the middle of August.
A time so dead in this city, that if you don't have supplies in your own home, you could easily starve. Needless to say the paintshop is closing up and won't be open for business again until mid-September.
That just won't do. But I was stuck at work and couldn't get to the shop in time to get paint. Luckily I have good friends. Witold did me a solid and went to get the paint for me. You're a star, thanks mate.

* I'll get to the dismantled part in a moment.


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