Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is a big step forward.
Some of the roughnecks from the club had seen the BSA mocked-up and showing raw metal everywhere and - eager to see it running, which I get - said "Just leave it like this! Wire it, fire it up and ride that thing!".
But I always thought that with the frame and most other parts painted black, the end result would have been much more cohesive and elegant.
Once again, Witold stepped up and helped. Actually he did more than just help, he not only rushed to buy paint just one hour before the paint shop closed for the summer, he then got the bloody thing done.
We loaded the frame, mudguard and engine brackets into his four-wheeler (that's all they're good for, cars) and took everything to his place, where we washed the parts with a strong household abrasive degreaser and got to work. First was a base of flat grey primer:

Then it was onto black polyurethane paint:

With a steady and expert hand, Witold painted that thing like a pro. I knew it would look great in black but it turned out even better than I had imagined.
24 hours later, safe to handle, it was all back in the cave, ready for "final" assembly.

This is a big step forward. Strike my last. We just made a giant leap forward.


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