Sunday, August 26, 2012

The tail wagging the dog.

Today was a productive day for the Rising Star, even though the test ride didn't happen.
Most of the wiring has been done and the battery is in place.
We also finally got the tail light hooked up and I must say it is very impressive.

Because it uses a led cluster and because of the way the leds are set up, it meant we had to wire the bike with a negative earth, as opposed to the traditional positive earth system found on most other Brits.
It's not a problem, but it does feel a little like the tail wagging the dog. On the other hand there was absolutely no way I was going to leave that tail light in a box.
Check out the high tension leads (also from Lowbrow):

We adjusted the chain and skimmed a hair off the conical spacer, so it all fits right now.
Over the next few days the wiring will be completed, after that it really is only a matter of firing it up and seeing what it's all about...


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