Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time to crack on.

Right then. Paint on the frame and mudguard has cured satisfactorily, so now it's time to finish this thing.
I painted the oil tank, fork shrouds, avionics box, footrests and other assorted bits and pieces.
While they were drying, I cleared the lift of all parts and put down a protective cardboard and bubblewrap cover. I then reclined the engine on its left side, and carefully fitted the frame around the engine. In go the engine mounting bolts and brackets that keep it all together and then it's time to carefully right it. At this time, it rests on an assortment of wooden blocks and a hydraulic jack. Needless to say this is not very stable, and it's a good thing it's only me in the garage. No people, no music, no distractions and not much room for error.

I then moved onto the steering bearings (time to pack them with fresh grease), yokes then fork legs (time to add 190cc of oil per leg) and the front wheel. By this point I was on a roll and things were - surprisingly - fitting right back where they were supposed to, what a novelty! So then, mudguard and rear wheel... and of course I had spoken too soon. After buckets of sweat, heaving, much cursing and miscellaneous profanities, the rear wheel (which shall hencetoforth be referred to as "the bitch") was in, axle locked.

It's only at this point that the motorcycle can rest on its own stand. I also connected the front brake, though it needs adjustment at the hub, then at the handlebars.

Here's the battery carrier:

Mandatory self-indulgent "wrenching" shot:
(keep out of direct sunlight)

Here's a closer look at the footrests:

Regulation "busted knuckle" shot:

Now, obviously this is nothing, but here's the point: when people say they have poured their sweat, blood and tears into their choppers/flat-trackers/scramblers/what-have-you, they're not just saying it pour parler, there is an inescapable truth there...
A murky shot showing the right-hand footrest installed (and new rubber piece on the gear lever!):

Finally the exhausts:

Not bad for one day, right?


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