Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meanwhile, at the mancave...

So what do you think? That mudguard turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Here are some more details.
Once we were happy with the position of the mudguard, we chopped it to size and hand filed the rough edge to a smooth contour. This was oddly satisfying. We then measured where to drill the holes for the 'Y' brackets. Incidentally, these were also beaten into shape with a series of mallets; having the right ones would have made it even easier and made for an even closer fit but we had to make do. Look it up, there are so many materials (steel, rubber, nylon, rawhide, copper, etc.) sizes, and shapes, and no wonder you need them if you want the job done right.
After that, the brackets and the mudguard came off for a final fit. I found some nice looking domed nuts that I think look pretty good. Then it was back onto the bike, tightening all the bolts and there you have it.

Notice the subtle product placement there, WD-40... is there anything you can't do?


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