Saturday, January 26, 2013

More paint.

Here's a sneak peek at the finished tank, I finally got 'round to getting that done.
Shortly before Christmas, Gianluca and I took his fuel tank to get painted and, when we went to collect it, I left the BSA's tank.
It's really the only part on this bike that's not "natural" aluminium, black or chromed. Quite a bit of mulling has gone into this as you might expect.
You can think of this paintjob as a BSA paint scheme on a Triumph tank.
Specifically, I started from the original 1969 A50 paint scheme and adapted it to the Triumph tank.
I personalised the paint scheme by using fine metalflake, a double pinstripe (as found on Royal Enfield or Matchless, for example) and the one-off decal, itself a variation on the original decals of the time, using the same typefont and playing on the 'star' motif.
The paintjob was done by local paint wizard Toni Raia, the same guy who painted my Nortons, Matchless, Sportster, etc.


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