Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting stuff done.

Sunday was a productive day, we got stuff done.

Dominator: I've adjusted the clutch, refit the stator that Witold had patched up for us, the footrests and a couple of electrical connections.
Rising Star: it miraculously started (I had tried to get it going the past couple of weeks but it just wouldn't. I won't get into why just yet, but suffice to say I wasted two afternoons kicking it, trying to jump start it... nothing. Now it "works"... go figure) so I took it for a spin and went over to Witold's to give him a hand with his BSA.

Oh, "what's that thing in the red rectangle" you say? I'm glad you asked. This is an early Fastback's steel oil tank that Peppe modified for Witold with an extra filler neck and a sweet Monza cap. It'll be mostly for looks, but it does also mean that you can check your oil level and top up without having to remove the seat, which could be handy:

Witold's BSA: it's an oil in the frame 650 twin carb that we will rebuild to "Firebird Scrambler" specs with a few subtle modifications. The idea is to make this Witold's daily rider, something that will start easily even if he's had one too many. A light, nimble bike that can tackle dirt roads and longish trips with some luggage and be reliable. That will mean all new wiring loom, Boyer Bransden magic bits, an external oil filter, oil cooler and nothing crazy: just sensible things to make it strong and dependable. Notice the invasion plan touring map of Corsica on the wall.

Some homeless bum came by on a bitchin' BSA chopper... WAIT THAT'S ME!!
Lifting the engine out of the motorcycle? I don't think so, that thing weighs like your house and there aren't any good grips. Better to pull the rolling chassis off of the engine.
Witold, never one to miss an opportunity for goofballery, tests the BSA's lean angle for future reference...
Now, getting the engine out would have normally been a relatively simple and quick procedure, had it not been for this stubborn son of a bitch of a locknut. After about two hours trying to get it to budge, we handed it over to the renowned law firm of Blowtorch & Angle-Grinder: 

Witold does The Thinker:

Peppe should have the engine licked quite quickly we hope; the rest is up to us, but at least OIF bikes are easy to work on. If you're thinking about your first brit-bike, I've said it before and I'll say it again, consider an OIF BSA...


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