Monday, June 3, 2013

New digs, yo!

"Republic Day, 2013. The garage stands nearly empty, waiting to be cleaned and set up."
It was time, the other place that I was sharing with Eddie was just too crowded.

I'm basically starting from scratch here, and there are a few things I need to get and build: first and foremost, a raised bike platform, then a workbench, shelves, a small sofa with mini-bar and some assorted power tools...

Once again, Witold really stepped up and helped me with the move. Not only that, but we also went to a big hardware store with Marcolino; the three of us stocked up for our respective garages and works ahead. I got a compressor (the blue Michelin box you see on the left), a combined workbench grinder, with sanding belt on one side and copper wire brush on the other, some neon lights, a bin (you know you need one!) and plenty of bits and bobs.

Having this place to myself, I'm hoping it will look good once I set it up.


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