Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Schwarzköpfe, progress report.

Last year in Corsica, the little R45 was really put through its paces. Better to go for it and have fun, come what may. Despite having to rev high to keep up with the bigger machines, despite the punishing rocky desert road (result: one bent wheel) and the machine being, shall we say, well used, the compact flat twin made it all the way back under its own steam.
If you looked at it there was no mistaking what it had been through, as it wore the signs of its trials like a warrior would battlescars.
The front wheel needed to go, and the lads found a 19" snowflake that cleaned up nicely and was painted black to match the rear one:

They also painted the center of the front brake rotor and the valve covers:

The reason for the valve covers being off the engine (as are the heads and cylinders) will be revealed in the following weeks. Hopefully soon, for as some of you might have noticed from the countdown on the top right, we're supposedly off soon!
While they were at it, they also took the gearbox down to get at the clutch. They're upgrading it to one from an R80, kupplungsscheibe and all...

Leaving nothing to chance, Witold gets the torque wrench out:

And now, time for some computer diagnostics:

Result: insufficient compression...
In the meantime, let's get the gearbox degreased:

Then it was onto the steering head bearings. A new set will definitely improve then handling on this bike:

It took a little persuasion but we got it. The lower one was much easier.
There is still a lot to do on the little Beemer, time's a-wastin'!


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