Saturday, July 13, 2013


Sometimes, all too often in fact, we forget how lucky we are. We take stuff for granted when it's really not. The dudes and I are very lucky to have bikes, enough time and a little bit of money to take off for a week and above all, we're lucky to have found in each other a good group of friends to ride with. Believe me when I say that is harder to find than tellurium. This year, we're lucky enough to have put together another trip, though it won't be Corsica (and we'll be sans Antonelli): we're off to the Black Forest (cue heavy-metal riff) We're thinking of getting up to Bozen by train, with bikes in tow, or sent ahead by courier and from there we'll be tackling the mighty Stelvio pass, as well as several others across the Alps. Now, I can imagine that some of you might sneer at the idea of motorcycling by train, so let me explain in no uncertain terms why we're doing this: we'd rather spend time riding the Alps than we would riding up from Rome for the umpteenth time. This will be a largely tarmac-bound trip, with perhaps only the occasional dirt track up to a campsite, though knowing how well things are kept in Germany, I doubt you'd even notice it wasn't paved. Now, I would have loved to take my beloved Sportster but there just isn't enough time to get that done and dialed in (more on that later) so I'll be on the R100GS again, making this an all-Beemer trip: Gianluca is mounting up on his R65, Witold on his tough-as-nails 1000 G/S and Marcolino on his "R465".
Let's go.


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