Friday, July 12, 2013

Progress report: new digs

The new garage is coming along nicely, though it probably doesn't look like much in this here photograph:

You can imagine how satisfying it is to set up a place all your own and I have a feeling that once it's all done and organised it will be a great place to wrench on my bikes.
Once again my friends helped a lot: Brian donated (and transported half way across town!) some very sturdy wooden surfaces to reinforce the workbench and to make the bike platform; and then I scored that nice set of metal shelves you see on the left, and some wooden ones from my friend Andrea (who again transported them half way across town): thank you both very much, as soon as I get a cooler in there, beers are on me!

It's nice to have friends you can count on. All of this, our bikes, our tools, our places it can only work if we help each-other and if we have fun while doing it. No one man can do it all (and if they think they do, I would say they're not very happy people...)


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