Thursday, July 11, 2013

Progress report: Schwarzköpfe

More frantic progress on Marco's Beemer as the guys scramble to get this scrambler ready for our impending trip: tempus fugit dudes...

Here's a couple of detail shots of the cylinders going back on:

Witold gives two thumbs up, because it's one for each cylinder.

And new steering head bearings!

This is a bit of a blurry shot but here are the fantastic new Asatek shocks, 35cm of sturdy, purposeful kit:

We'll focus more closely on these once the bike is fully back together, so you can see the difference they make to the overall stance (coupled with the new 19 incher at the front). Suffice to say that compared to a stock bike, it is already looking much bulkier (in a good way), compact and muscular. We dig it.

The guys also had a couple of bitchin' spacers made for the new front wheel, in order to adapt all the various parts and in preparation for the twin disc conversion (that will probably happen sometime next year):

And here are the new headlight brackets (to support the, also, new headlight, which is a sleeker bigger version of the classic round type):

The front end is looking much more harmonious with the new wheel, and will look even better with double discs one day:

Alright, 'nuff chit-chat you two, get back to work!


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