Saturday, August 24, 2013

A sight for sore eyes.

Man it's good to look out and see this again:

The partly new engine feels a little "stiff" right now, after all it will need about a thousand Kms to break in those new comfy 1200cc slippers.
So, until I actually ride it for a while, the jury is out but early signs are promising: when I was riding back home right after I picked it up from the workshop, lulled by the familiarity of the controls and the comfort of swingarm suspension (after months and months on the Rising Star? wow!), I forgot for a minute that I'm supposed to take it easy and took off rather briskly from a traffic light. Wheelspin?? yeah.

Two things were badly needed: a wash and an MOT, which gave me a good excuse to start putting some miles on it. It passed with flying colours, including the dreaded emissions test.
Here it is, scoring a perfect ten:

Wash your damn bike!


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