Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's make some Lime & Coconut...

Alright folks, the time has come to dive into this tasty summer drink.

As you may recall, Witold acquired this good OIF project a while back and started securing a few choice parts, getting the engine out, ready for a rebuild, and getting that bitchin' paintjob done.
He has taken a smart decision and committed to it: to tear down to the bare frame, sand-blast the crap out of it and start fresh with a clean, neatly painted frame. Having already yanked the engine out, there wasn't much left to do, and save for a major headache with the fork, we got it all done in a few hours.
Yes, that torch got put to work. A lot. You have to remember, this poor bike probably spent the last quarter of a century abandoned who knows where, but certainly not in a heated garage. Let's keep things in perspective.
By the way dude, you took this photo to remind yourself of how the spacers go:
It was all going relatively smoothly, until we got to the fork, and one of the stanchion nuts just wouldn't budge. We tried everything we could, there was just nothing left to do but take a drastic approach to the problem. Dr. Lollo's expression says it all...

There's a bit more work to do on the top yoke, to free that stubborn nut, but aside from that, here's where we got to eventually:

Then it was time to relax and crack open a cold one. See that titanium plate on Witold's keyring, that's shaped a bit like a shoehorn? That used to be bolted onto his humerus, and is now a handy bottle opener!
Dude, you're so metal... 

Oh, and welcome to your new favourite song. It will burrow into your head and you'll find yourselves humming this in the most unlikely places. Also, do not be alarmed if your hips start moving by themselves, it's normal.


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