Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Restart required.

Profuse apologies for the total lack of updates recently, I've just been very lazy and I need to get my ass back in gear again.
I got back to the garage yesterday and spent some time prepping the new head and a few other parts for sandblasting. I also checked the cam followers (tappets) in the new cylinder barrels but they don't fit: this is by no means strange, and all it would take would be removing a little bit of excess material from the pushrod tunnels, but I'll leave that for the machine shop. I refuse to hand this bit of kit and rather delicate jobs (piston/liner clearance and cam follower fitment) to the dimwitted ogres of the local "machine shop" who have on so many occasions in the past screwed up; instead, I've reached out to a reputable specialist and I'm waiting to hear back about when they can take delivery of my parts. I would rather pay a little bit more, wait a little longer but have the job done right once, than spend "less" three times.
Not much else going on I'm afraid, but there will be progress eventually...

One of the cam follower locking plates being lifted out.


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