Thursday, December 5, 2013

Weight loss, the alluminium diet.

In other news, a few parts are on their way to SRM engineering for some important jobs: honing the cylinder for the correct clearance, gapping the rings and fitting the cam followers (this may simply require a little bit of "persuasion" with a hand-held rotary tool or some boring/honing at most).

Take a look at the weight there, 7.8Kgs and that's for:
  • cylinder block
  • pistons
  • rings and circlips
  • wrist pins
  • four cam followers with their locking plates and screws
  • a considerable amount of packing
The Maney cylinder does feel very light, but I hadn't realised it saves you that much weight. Nice...
Next time I see those parts they'll be ready to fit; and I'll have avoided the absolute joke that is the local "machine shop".


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