Friday, February 7, 2014

No rush...

...and no point rushing with the weather we've been having lately, but still, is this about time or what?!

These are all the bits I got back from the sandblasting guy: I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the guy, who I think is a bit nuts, in a good way. Yes it took a while, but like I said we've had some crappy weather, the dreaded holidays and above all I did tell him to take his time with it anyway.
The cost was very reasonable, considering it included pick-up and delivery, so I'll definitely be using them again in the future.
Over time both cylinder and head will take on a nice dull patina and look even better.
The more keen eyed observers amongst you will have noticed there are two cylinder heads here. Since I'm not building a twin-engined salt lake streamliner (wouldn't that be fun though?), what are the extra bits for? I'll put together a faux-engine, to display in my living room, so expect photos of that too, some day.


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