Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Ah, nuts!"

This is why it pays to keep a close eye on your motorcycle folks:

I was removing the crankcase/cylinders studs the other day when I noticed this little fella waaay out. I instinctively pushed it back in as if it were nothing, but then thought "hold on a second".

And then I went over to the timing side and noticed that this other nut disappeared:

That one isn't too much of a problem, I can just replace it (it's the one for the stud holding the primary chaincase), but the rear engine mounting bolt is a problem: because it has been rattling around in there for who knows how long (hundreds of miles? Thousands of miles??) the threads have been totally flattened and the bolt must be replaced. The problem is that the only way to get it out is to remove the ENTIRE primary chaincase, transmission, clutch, alternator, etc.
It is a huge load of work (potentially dangerous as you're messing around with the three retaining bolts in the crankcase, not to mention crankshaft and layshaft alingnment, rotor nut, woodruff keys, diaphragm spring, etc.) and all just to replace one bolt.
I mean, there's no other way to do this properly. But anyway, one thing at a time, I'll finish the top end first and then see what I can do about this.

I may need to get creative here, purists be warned.

So, let's not forget that just because you don't feel vibration on a Commando, that doesn't mean all those horses aren't constantly trying to break free of the pen.


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