Monday, April 7, 2014

The yearly summer trip.

Summer is fast approaching and it is time to get the motorcycles in good order for the next trip. Once again, an all-BMW line-up. And of course there are some major reworkings going on: Witold is having the gearbox on his G/S overhauled, again. We suspect a bent selector fork is preventing gears from staying engaged.
Marco's bike is also undergoing "a little bit of work":

(Notice the outrageous expansion exhaust on the orange moped. That thing is mad, bro...)

Unbelievable. In less than a day the two of them had the gearbox off the G/S and Marco's special totally torn asunder. Ok, things like the front end, suspension and transmission are pretty much sorted, and what they're doing here is having the engine fine-tuned with a new ignition and new carburetters. But then they thought "eh. might as well".
So the frame is being powder-coated, a new twin seat is being prepared and the whole thing will be put back together as a neater, meaner machine. Cool.
Now, for reasons that will soon become apparent, I will not be joining the dudes on this year's trip, but I might meet up with them on their way back. Still, can't wait to see Marco's beemer back together...


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