Thursday, May 1, 2014


Well, I haven't got much done lately, but I have my hands full guys:

So at least this time around, I'll have to skip the yearly motorcycle camping trip. I'm sure the rest of the gang will redouble their efforts to keep shenanigans at an acceptable level, and if all goes well I'll meet them for just one night on their way back to base sometime in... July?

Witold is waiting for a reconditioned gearbox from Germany for his G/S, while Marco's engine should be nearly ready with new carbs, ignition, and a general overhaul/service.
In the meantime, his frame and ancillaries have returned from powder coating and look great. Once it's all back together it'll feel like a proper upgrade. Here's some before and after stuff:

On the Norton front, I've taken the "new" cylinder head to have its mating surface skimmed, it should be done by Monday and if all goes well I can rebuild it next week, that means checking the valves and fitting springs, rockers, etc.


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A U G U R I !!! ;)

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