Thursday, June 5, 2014


What, you thought that was it? There's plenty of stuff left that needs to go back onto the bike.
I'll start with the coil mounting bracket so I can get all that messy wiring out of the way. The Boyer module is tucked away above, and rubber mounted, in a manner of speaking.

Onto the head steady:

And now for the carburetters. First, the bakelite insulators, then the carb/manifold assemblies (it's slightly less of a pain in the ass fitting the manifolds to the carbs first, rather than to the head and then trying to fit the carbs.): anyone who's done this before on a Commando knows that this is another one of those things that require a truly zen state of mind, detached from worldly concerns, a steady rock, unwavering in the face of waves of frustration. Also, a ball-end allen wrench is really useful, I'm pointing to it in one of the photos below:

Don't forget the balance pipe!

The manifolds are a little bit special, because they are already tapered from 32mm for the carburetters to 30mm for the head. The carburetters themselves are pretty special in that they have the supposedly improved StayUp floats, and the rather nifty brass adjuster screws: it looks like I got the brass screws just in time as they are no longer available.

Fitting the K&N filter is much easier than the original type. I think this looks great on the Norton, shame it's hidden by the side panels on a Fastback, but on a Roadster with its smaller side panels, it really does look cool.

And onto the exhausts! I'm using a very small amount of copper grease on the lockrings since I don't like the idea of dry threads here.


Thomasdunstall said...

Grande Arturo stai facendo un lavorone!
Molto bene dai che ci sei :)

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