Thursday, June 12, 2014

Colourful language.

Some exciting news folks, and to me this is just as exciting as the engine refurbishment I'm doing.
I've taken all of the Fastback's bodywork to Toni Raia so that it too can enjoy a redux.
The tank will get a new coat or two of clear, plus a good buff. The side panels are being totally stripped, repaired where the old seat base had damaged the fiberglass, then repainted with the same silver/grey Gianluca used for his Dominator, and new decals.

The tail is where most of the work will be done: a couple of years ago I dropped the bike in the garage like an idiot. I knew what I was trying to do was not practicable (moving it off a ramp with no room for myself), but I went ahead and did it anyway, and sure enough the laws of physics took over and I had to lay the bike down. In so doing, the tail got a nasty scratch right over the central decal and all the way down to the primer. This is a very special paintjob, and my priority has to be to preserve it and look after it. If we were to redo the tail completely, it would almost certainly not match the tank any longer, so instead what we've decided to do is an inlay with the aforementioned silver/grey and replace both decals on the tail. I'm confident it'll turn out cool. At the very least it will be something different, and I'll have salvaged the paintjob.
Lots of other Norton stuff fresh from a respray:

And Toni's personal ride, how's that for a calling card?


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