Tuesday, June 10, 2014


...the lads have been busy with Marco's Beemer, which is getting cooler by the minute.
The exhausts loose the balance pipe and get a new helping of wrap. Witold wields the welder with wanton gusto. Hey, that's a lot of Ws...

There is a new subframe for the luggage. This bike will be fitted with custom made aluminium panniers (see below): tons of storage, bombproof reliability and rugged good looks.

There is one detail here, which has made a significant difference: they've shortened the handlebars by a couple of inches and it looks fantastic. Gone is the "beach-bar" look, this is now a proper scrambler handlebar. And the handlebar is to the motorcycle as the grip is to the gun, so...
Here are the Alumilanek panniers:

And a few more progress shots:

The new "silencers" look so much better than the stock ones. We are eager to hear what they'll sound like, or more accurately, how they will shatter the peace.


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