Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ode to the daily driver - Reprise.

Once again I find myself looking at my Sportster and feeling rather ashamed at the state of it.
You've seen the rear tire looking a bit past its best, and now this:

First of all, I got a new rear tire and realised just how worn the old one had gotten:
As for the tail light, it's ok, it wasn't stolen, it fell off: the plastic mounting looks like it broke, and thinking back I was able to figure out where I lost it. A few days later I went back looking for it and found a trail of ruby red shards leading me to the mangled remains of the tail light. 
 Roads in Rome have gotten particularly disgraceful lately thanks to extensive "upgrades" to the gas mains throughout the city: who knew that lead pipes were bad for you?! After all, we've had them for a couple thousand years, why change now?!
Re-paving blacktop is an afterthought, and the result is bits falling off my bike. Oh well.

As it is, the old one was already broken and patched up anyway, so this is actually a good excuse to replace it. Let's see how long this one lasts.

Who knows, I might even get to clean the whole bike one day!


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