Friday, November 7, 2014

Die werkstatt.

Despite our great love for British classics, we cannot deny being seduced by the much closer tolerances, rationality and precision engineering of BMWs from the 1980s.
At the moment, someone's garage looks like a little corner of Bavaria, right in our backyard!

Here we see evolution at work: from the R80G/S on the right, to the R100GS PD on the left.

The R80G/S is for sale, and I would recommend it. Matching numbers, low mileage and completely sorted out. I will take some proper photos of it soon. You could easily have this and no other bike and do everything with it. Get in while you can.

This is what remains of the R45 (not Marco's, another one). After a quick test-fit of the 1000cc engine:

 All cycle parts (except for the snowflake wheels, which are in great condition) will be sandblasted and powder-coated. This includes the swingarm, which you have to disassemble first though. Not the most straightforward thing to do, but nothing phases our mechanic anymore:
 So the original engine will be cleaned up and put aside:

Take a look at the frame, in particular towards the steering area: the influence of Norton's featherbed frame is undeniable. And it's a very good frame!

Ready for a winter makeover: