Monday, December 29, 2014

Upgrade mode.

The Apline White GS is resplendent in the winter sun, and gets a couple of neat upgrades all the way from the North Pole: thanks Santa!

First is an extension for the rear brake pedal: better purchase, safer braking:

Then this clever bracket, which should address a problem common to all Paralever models, i.e. the left pillion footrest is bolted directly to the exhaust silencer and supported only by the luggage subframe. It transmits an awful lot of vibration through the exhaust, making for an unpleasant ride for the passenger. With this mod, the footrest should have much more support and be bolted to the frame rather than the exhaust. However, it may require some modification to the bracket itself as we're also rocking non-standard footrests... we'll see.


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