Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blink and you'll miss it.

That's how quickly Witold put his G/S back to standard configuration at the end of last summer. In the photo below, you can see two engines, the 1000cc on the left and the original 800cc on the right; that's the low-mileage original engine that's gone back into the bike, meaning he stripped everything down: rear wheel, swingarm, gearbox, carburetters, exhausts... the wonderful thing about the '247-type' engine/gearbox assembly, is just how easy and accessible everything is. Replacing major assemblies is a matter of minutes, and everything always fits together precisely, without fail.

This is now a complete and original machine, matching numbers and properly tried and tested, not a showroom primadonna.
Having shed all its touring accoutrements, this now looks like it's half the size it was before! Witold has also come to the conclusion that the 1000cc engine was not very tractable when compared to the original, and everything else "suffered" as a result: the cycle parts became over-stressed, the fork was twitchy, the brakes taxed... Now it has a balance, a harmony that is truly the stuff of motoring legends. This is the motorcycle that announced itself to the world perhaps too discretely, as being a whole new category of vehicle: stable and taut on the road, nimble and purposeful offroad.
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