Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gone shopping.

This shouldn't be so exciting, but for some reason it is.
I went to a local generic spares dealer and got a few things for the Honda.

There are some spare fuses, clutch cables with barrel nuts, a lightbulb, some fuel pipe, brake pads, silicone gasket paste, a fuse holder and a couple of spark plugs.

One of the plugs is the standard one, the other is a colder one for "high" speed cruising, basically what I should have had on the stealth trip.

These local spares dealers are tough, grumpy folk, perennially annoyed and with no concept whatsoever of customer care: "Nah, you don't want that plug it's too cold." - "Whaddya need them cables for?!" - "That chain is 120 links, sort yourself out or get stuffed!" You get the gist... perhaps that's why walking away with a bag of goodies feels like such an achievement!

Most of it goes into a small bag (together with some zip-ties, lockwire, duct tape, that sort of stuff) that I can carry next time I go camping.

I also got a new 520 chain for the Honda, I didn't think I'd need to replace it just yet, but as you'll see shortly it turned out I actually had to. More on that soon.
The brake pads go in the "service spares" box that I keep at the garage, I'll elaborate on that too at some point.


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