Friday, June 5, 2015

This better be good...

In an effort to bolster the Honda's performance I have done a stage 1 upgrade with the new exhaust pipes and the Dynojet kit.

There are new tires and I have a DPR9EA-9 NGK spark plug, which is colder than the standard one so I don't melt the head.

All of this is so I can have a shot at keeping up with the others when we go out for a ride, or on a motocamping weekend.

The last thing I can do without exaggerating is to fit a bigger gearbox sprocket to give the engine a little bit more breathing room in top gear.

The stock sprocket is only a 14-tooth, and there is really only enough room to go up one, to 15-tooth.

This is made by JT Sprockets, of whom I had never heard before. While the package boasts "Quality Japanese Steel" and a rising sun logo, they're actually made in Thailand. I hope it's well made, it certainly looks it at first, however closer inspection leaves me wondering if I should be worrying about those marks right on the teeth:

Doesn't look great does it?
Let's see, all I can do is try it. If it works well, I hope cruising speed in top gear will be a bit higher with the engine in its 4.000 rpm sweet spot.


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