Thursday, July 2, 2015

Getting on with it.

It's not much to show for the best part of a day spent playing with the Norton, lots of sweat, moderate profanities, some bleeding (a couple of busted knuckles, de rigueur) and assorted musings over why on earth something would fit last time I did it, but won't fit now.

So, pretty much an average day for any Norton owner...

So, the head is back on (and this time I've figured out how to do it with minimal effort and risk), I've torqued it down repeatedly and I reckon I got a good seal all around this time, in part thanks to the head gasket being properly annealed: that thing was like putty!

The exhausts are back on, the lockring made me sweat and curse far more than anything else this time (go figure!), and the head-steady is loosely bolted on.

I'll get to the rest tomorrow: coils and wiring, carburetters, air filter, bodywork, oil change and some home made gaskets, courtesy of Gianluca...


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