Friday, July 10, 2015

Thoughts about the test ride.

It is one thing for something to work. It is quite another for that thing to work exceptionally well.
When I took it upon myself to rebuild the top end of my Norton's engine last year, I actually got the thing working and used it on a couple of short outings. So, it worked.
However, now that the cylinder head has been fully refurbished by SRM, it works exceptionally well.
The difference is impressive. The way I had done it, sure, there was the familiar low-end torque and the effortless 80mph cruising, just enough horsepower to keep things interesting. But it felt toned down somehow.
Now that the valves are properly seated, they seal well and run smoothly in their guides, now that the head is properly torqued down, the orchestra is playing at full volume again.
It's like looking at a photocopy of a painting, and then looking at the original. No contest.
My compliments to the engineers at SRM for yet another job well done.


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