Saturday, September 5, 2015

New gearbox linkage.

One more improvement to the Norton, in this case I've replaced the gearbox linkage that came with the rearsets that were fitted during the initial rebuild.

The link rod that's supplied with the rearsets has a clevis fork at each end, retained with pins and a circlip.

While this is a perfectly fine arrangement - on paper - it does not counteract one of the side effects of the Isolatics when fitting rearsets on a Commando, namely that the gearbox is rubber mounted, while the footrest plate is bolted to the frame. This means that the link rod and the clevis forks in particular end up taking a real beating from all the vibration.

The result is that the attachment points get ovalised, meaning that despite adjustment, they become permanently slack.

To remedy this, I fitted a new link rod with a couple of spherical joints, which make for a much more positive linkage.

Here's "before":

And "after":
Neat huh?


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