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Forbidden love...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

the Campotosto Mystic Trip 4 - "the equilibrium of the Chakras"

Well this was a lovely, lovely outing.

And as is known to happen with the CMT, this was not at all what I expected this trip would be. Unfortunately Witold couldn't make it this year, but we were fortunate to have Gianluca and Marco with a couple of buddies ride along for the morning. My sister Susanna and her Micheal also joined and that was a very welcome addition to our little band.

After reaching Borgo S. Pietro we stopped for lunch at a very nice restaurant with a good view of the lake and plenty of tasty food to keep you busy for a while:

Altogether, we had one hell of a trip, tiring, fun, fast and soaked in good cosmic vibes from start to finish.

As always, our host Mauro, a true mountain shaman and custodian of the forest, welcomed us and looked after us with the warmth of a log fire, wonderful food and wine and the long awaited genziana at the end. He then shapeshifted into a bear and roamed the woods, checking to see that the trees were doing well.
During the nightly astral travels, I sat in conclave with some oak trees and they told me things I have since forgotten, but, I get the sense that with a little luck, and a bit of peace and calm, all will be well.

The yellow autumn sun on Sunday morning was a fitting salute to the good summer we have enjoyed this year, and this trip was a fitting conclusion to the year.

We have a huge amount of maintenance to take care of over the harsh winter months, so that will keep us busy until next spring, when we return on the road looking for more adventures and more mysticism.