Thursday, May 24, 2018

50 years

This year marks half a century since Norton introduced the Commando, and while of course the production run "only" lasted a decade, the following four have seen continuous interest in the model, and countless successful racing efforts around the globe, which brought about development to a level far beyond what the Norton engineers were able to offer in the relatively short time when the Commando was new.

Whenever talking about or otherwise considering (and riding, for f**k's sake!) the Commando, it must never be forgotten just what an accomplishment it was by Norton to bring this motorcycle to Earls Court given how little time they had to develop it, and how thin their resources were stretched; nor should anyone understate how successful a model it was for something meant to be a stopgap measure, enough to give the company time to come up with something on par with the new era of "modern" superbikes, one that Norton unfortunately never really saw.

Confirmation of the fact that the popularity of this machine has not waned one bit over the years is to be found in the cult-like fervor and devotion that surrounds it wherever the name Commando is spoken; people get weirdly obsessive, possessive, defensive and downright litigious when it comes to Commandos, I've never understood why but I get it: once you have it, you want everyone else who owns one, or is thinking of getting one, to value it, respect it and treat it well.

There have already been a few well written articles printed on the most respected publications dealing with classic motorcycles in the last couple of months, offering an overview of the history and what went on behind the scenes, and most of what I've read is informative and seems accurate.

50 is a nice round number that doesn't really mean anything other than an excuse to pause for a second and look back, to realize that some of these motorcycles we love so much exist outside of time, trends and fashions; you either get it or you don't, so what I have to say on the 50th anniversary of this motorcycle is this, plain and simple:

the Norton Commando 
is the coolest motorcycle 
ever bestowed upon mankind.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Pathfinder 2: mission readiness

With less than two weeks to go before Pathfinder 2, it was high time we focused on the extensive preparations that a formidable and perilous trip like this demands.

So, I bolted the luggage rack on the Yamaha and that pretty much sums it up.

Witold got new tires for his Honda, the ever popular Continental TKC80, and fresh motor oil... again, that's pretty much it.

But we also have professional-looking roadbooks here, so you know we're taking this seriously:

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The creature stirs...

It's about to get loud around here.