Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Progress report: rear wheel.

The über-cool conical hub and brake plate are back from being sandblasted clean and they look perfect.
With Peppe's help I laced the wheel and even though you probably all know the feeling, let me just say that it is so satisfying turning a rim, hub and a bunch of spokes and nipples into a (relatively) solid wheel.

I left the actual truing to Peppe as I have no idea how it's done. Looking on as he proceeded, I tried to glean more insight into this secretive art.

New bearings were fitted and the inner spacer was found to be in excellent condition.
The brake assembly is relatively easy on this particular model, all the bits are brand new and might just need some gentle persuasion to fit together but I'm confident this will be one of the easier jobs on this bike.

(And yes you're right, the little baggie with the washers does not belong here - it is actually part of the front fork overhaul kit)


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