Saturday, January 19, 2013

A leaden sky.

Think about an overcast, cloudy, grey sky. It's winter, you know there's sunlight up there somewhere but not much of it is reaching down to you. The air itself is grey and damp, there are wet dead leaves along a deserted country lane, and a touch of frost on the green short grass. Pretty much anywhere in the world that is a bleak picture, but in the UK, it is glorious. That wonderful grey is exactly how Gianluca's tank turned out. Witold described it as "victorious" and I agree.
We picked up the freshly painted tank and chainguard last week (incidentally, I dropped off the Rising Star's tank to be painted, stay tuned for that one!) and this is a first look at the Dominator with the new mudguards and paintjob.

If you look closely you can see the finished taillight and license plate bracket (though it still needs paint). Below, the chainguard looks much better in black.


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