Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Come fly with me...

We had a scorching glorious Sunday and we carped the heck out of the diem.
To begin with, a quick pit stop for Gianluca's Dominator:

(Witold is pointing to where it's at. It's right here, that's where.)

Then it was off to the "airfield" for a day with model planes:

  Ah, the Spitfire: always a welcome sight in any sky.

They have a windsock and everything, these guys don't mess around!

Now, these two were flying in tandem, with the single prop towing the glider, which releases once it reaches altitude:

 More buddies approach:

 Are the doctors doing the handshake from Sound of my voice?

And yeah, my T-shirt says "keep out of direct sunlight". Appropriate.


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