Thursday, April 11, 2013

While I was away...

The little elves have been busy! I found lots of tasty new bits and tools, so there's lots of things to get done:

Good to be back. The weather is warm and sunny, days are longer, it seems going out for a ride would be the simplest of things, wouldn't it...
Now, as soon as I got back I went to see uncle Fester at his recently expanded garage, where they're getting busy with all sorts of cars, trucks and bikes.

Complete with nicely equipped machine shop, look at that!
This certainly ain't no ramshackle, dark, dank, grimy hole in the wall...

He also has this sweet bitsa of a Triumph, it runs and all... If it were mine I would get rid of the awful dellortos and just put a pair of Amals back on, change the handlebar for one that doesn't break your wrists and ride the piss out of it.

Back in our neck of the woods, Witold came over to help me (by which I mean do it all himself, while I sat and drank beer) with some neat wiring fixes on my Commando, thanks bro.

All of this is in preparation for my Commando's "second coming"... rest assured, it's going to have people talking.

There was also some bad news:
first, Gianluca's clutch was acting up and he took it to someone else while I was away to take the whole thing apart and start again. Sorry I couldn't help you bro, and I certainly hope I didn't cause the problem.
And then my Sportster started blowing smoke like a industrial revolution era steel mill chimney again, possibly worse than before, so next Monday it's back to Roberto to see what the problem is. Not having a great time with motorcycles at the moment guys.

Now, the Rising Star will soon be getting upgraded silencers and a smaller rear wheel sprocket to see if top speed can improve without revving too high.

Also, ha! I've been published in the March issue of Classic Bike magazine : )
Thank you Messrs Miller & Philips!

There was also time for a hipster evening in Rome with my secret weapon for quick urban sorties. And sushi, delicious, delicious sushi.


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