Monday, May 19, 2014

The opposite of glamorous.

This is what goes on behind the scenes folks, it's not all cool stuff about Commandos and choppers... Bummer, I was going to fit the refurbished head on the Norton, instead, I'm taking care of the daily driver on a sidewalk, like a hobo.

I'm not really sure what happened, the battery went flat and I only just managed to get the bike started down a hill and get back home. I put the battery on a charger and it seemed ok at first, but it still wouldn't crank the engine over.

Witold's multimeter revealed that although the battery is charged (12.46 volts), as soon as the ignition key is turned (on the Sportster the lights are always on) it drops to below 8 volts and the starter motor won't engage. So, it could be that the battery charger doesn't draw enough "juice" when it tests the battery, and therefore says it's fine. We also tested to see if the alternator was charging (after Witold gave a good push, thanks bro) and fortunately that part of the system seems ok with a reading of about 14.5 volts.
So, new battery it is...


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