Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Valvetrain: complete.

Alright, finally some tangible progress. I've refitted the valves, associated parts, and the rockers.
It all went very smoothly and I found it surprisingly easy to do. As a disclaimer, I should say that nothing I'm doing is really worth a damn until I'm actually riding my motorcycle and it all proves to be reliable. So...
For starters, I fitted the valve stem seals at the intake: I have standard Norton guides in this head, they're a good fit for the valves with no noticeable play. The seals are made for these guides and are a nice tight fit, really snug. I was careful when "feeding" the valve through, and also when compressing the springs to fit the split collets as there is a risk of crushing/ripping the brand new seal if you compress too far down.

The valve stem seals aren't present at the exhaust, but otherwise the following sequence applies to all four valves. Now then, put your anoraks on, we're going to take a look at the intake for cylinder 1:

Heat insulating washer.
Valve spring seat (over the fiber washer).
Outer spring.
Inner spring.
Valve spring collar; it's titanium baby...
Split collets; they hold the assembly together and are inserted using the valve compressor (not shown).
Completed assembly.
With all four valves in place, it's time to move on to the rockers.

You need to heat up the head, and you have to do this very gently. The workshop manual describes the installation sequence and gives useful advice, so I won't bore you with the details.

Flip around to the exhaust for cylinder 2. What you see below are the plain thin washer, rocker spindle, rocker with adjuster, and spring washer.

Fit the thackery washer last, before you drive the spindle all the way home.

I can't wait to ride this thing again.


Thomasdunstall said...

Well done Arturo, a very nice job
You must be proud

Artie said...

It's very satisfying!

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