Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In other news...

The Matchless' tank also received some detailing from Toni and was refitted on the motorcycle to the sound of Also sprach Zarathustra. Checking valve clearance is a simple task, thanks to a single cover retained by beautiful brass thumb screws.

We take a look "under the hood" of the BSA Ariel 3, where it all looks in surprisingly good condition!
I feel it's fair to specify this is a BSA contraption, where the Ariel name was used long after the true Ariel factory ended.

Above: notice the convenient prop-up rod: how thoughtful!

That yellow metal pressing houses a fan, which was meant to cool the Dutch-made engine. They were never meant to be enclosed so extra cooling was necessary here.

Above: look at that original paint under the hood: it's like new!

On the BMW front, our GS gets fitted for the new panniers, and we're going to try making a quick-release system for these so they're not permanently bolted on. This would make it easier to store the bike in the shed, but also at a campsite you could use the panniers to make a small table (we'll need an additional aluminium plate for that).


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