Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Kraken Wakes

I borrowed the title from an e-mail my friend Brian sent me after the long winter slumber we all endured, and it seems fitting for the occasion. It's also a book...
Working on my own motorcycles is always rewarding and although what I've done is by no means an exceptional feat, I am still well chuffed with the result (more testing will follow):

Apologies for the ugly mirror, but it was necessary for the MOT, which it passed with ease. 
Notice the Holy Mountain in the background, the photo above was taken after I came up, over and down it, making for a proper shake down ride that revealed that everything is functioning as it should. 
Carburation is responding in a predictable fashion now, and I will be able to adjust as needed once the breaking-in period is over. More on this to follow, as I can say that I have learned a lot about tuning Amals from this experience.
There is but one minor leak from the number 2 exhaust valve cover, all it needs is the cover itself sanded down and perhaps just a dab of sealant on the lower half of the gasket.
Otherwise, the Commando is now a real pleasure to ride, as opposed to how it was before.


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