Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jets, exhausts and the chain oiler.

So, last night I went over the Scottoiler again and figured out what I had done wrong, i.e. priming the reservoir properly. Now it all works as it should, and it's great.

I've used the Honda with the new upgrades for a little while and I can report on what it's like.

Let's start with the very good: I'm very happy with the exhaust pipes, they look really good and they seem to be doing what they're supposed to: the exhaust note has become a little meatier, and throttle response is good throughout the rev range. I need to fabricate a small bracket to mount the original small heat shield, which is there for more than just looks.

Still good, the top end of the rev range has definitely improved, and there is definitely, unmistakably more power there. I was skeptical, but whether it's just the jet kit or the exhausts, or a combination of the two, it seems to be working as advertised and it's really fun. I didn't think that engine could be so punchy, but it is.

Now for the not so good. While throttle response has generally improved, there is a problem when shutting the throttle off and quickly back on, i.e. when downshifting. It's not the popping and spitting typically encountered with an overly lean mixture, but rather it feels like the engine is drowning before it catches up again. If you use the throttle slowly when downshifting, it responds fine, the revs pick up and the gears synchronize as they should while you downshift, but obviously this is not acceptable for normal use, when downshifting has to happen in a split second. I'm inclined to think that in that particular section of throttle action, the mixture is too rich. I will try lowering the needle first to see if there is any noticeable change, then I can work on the pilot mixture screw, though I would say that it's fine as it is.
Incidentally, starting and idling are extremely good and predictable, nothing needs changing in that respect.

And finally for the definitely not good, the Scottoiler. It doesn't work, simple as that. The metering valve won't open and no oil gets through. What the hell? I'm sure it can work, I need to revisit my installation and figure out what went wrong. (see update at top)


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