Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mystic Motors Roma

Using the newly put together Norton as an excuse, I went to visit uncle Fester at his place, now operating under the moniker of Mystic Motors Roma, a wonderfully eclectic blender of old bikes, cars, pick up trucks, tools, machines and memorabilia.
They can accommodate a huge variety of customer machines and, through a good network of intelligently done outsourcing, are basically a one-stop shop for people looking for that something special for their machines.
For example, here's Filippo's Triumph, originally an OIF 650, and now a fantastic looking (and sounding!) 750 Morgo special, with what has to be the most finely crafted custom seat I have ever seen on a bike like this.
Below are just a few glimpses from what can seem like a bit of a madhouse, but is in fact a true fountain of creativity and ingenuity:

Fastbacks abound!

A 350 Ducati Scrambler waiting for an engine rebuild.

Survivor: an amazing vintage chopper from the 1960s, with a Knucklehead motor resurrected after 30 years, and a remarkable family story.

This one's gonna be a beast: Ducati 900 in a custom frame, over 30Kg lighter than a stock bike. You'll need a weapons permit to ride this thing...

A wonderfully original Harley-Davidson Aermacchi.

That's not a paintjob on the helmet, just one bad crash.

A sweet Triumph hardtail with a David Bird bolt-on, and plenty of neat touches: notice the seat hinge, which will use a single stock shock absorber, the modified headlamp brackets, and the oil tank, which is that fire extinguisher bottle on the bench.

Plenty of tools and (below) machines, machines everywhere!

An electronic Kröber tachometer.

A fiberglass primary cover for a Norton Commando, from Glass From The Past.


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