Monday, June 4, 2012

"It all happened so fast, officer..."

Well well... I have just spent a frantic week with Peppe doing the dry-build for the BSA. It is now "done" in the sense that all the welding and fabricating has been done. Now it all needs to come apart again to allow some of the welds on the frame to be reinforced, certain details cleaned up and of course proceed with painting those parts that need it. Once that is done, we can put it back together a second time and complete things such as oil pipes and electrical system.
I have taken about 150 photos during the mock-up, but it all happened so fast that it's going to be tricky coming up with something that's concise and not too detail-specific.
At the moment though, the BSA looks like this:

A weary Peppe gives the thumbs up. He has worked relentlessly at a furious pace to get all this done in such a short amount of time. Sparks were flying all the time, be them from an angle grinder, welder or sander. The incessant noise of hammering, drilling and filing, the smoke-saturated air (welding + Peppe's cursed cigar), it all made for an intense experience and it feels like the bike just "appeared" out of what was recently the familiar pile of the various parts. I think it will only be after it is painted and back in my garage that I'll truly feel like "it's done".


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